Our Sustainability Work

We are extremely aware of the impact of our production and its resulting component consumption on the environment, and the necessity of reducing our impact on the environment. We believe in the importance of safeguarding our planet for future generations, and we have therefore set up a few initiatives to give back to Nature. Read more about each initiative below, and feel free to get inspired or reach out to us with further suggestions. Together, we can pave a sustainable road forward…..

Solar Powered Water Purification

We have set up solar cells to supply our production plant with renewable energy that covers up to 50% of our daily requirements. See our energy savings tracker live. 
To better service areas with reduced or unstable power access, we are currently developing water purification units with embedded photo voltaics, allowing them to draw power directly from the sun. Clean, flexible, and dependable.


As our production plant is surrounded by a small orchard, we have placed four beehives on the roof of the building. Since 2016, we are experimenting with various different hive setups and testing new technology such as digital scales, which is teaching us a lot. We encourage anyone with the time and capacity to consider beekeeping as well. The busy pollinators bring not only life and wealth to the surroundings – their delicious honey is also a constant reminder to us of the golden rewards of hard work.

Just-In-Time Production

We see many advantages in a made-to-order production setup. An additional benefit is the reduction in storage space requirements and on-site stock, allowing us to pick and choose components directly for each device built. This ensures top class, newly manufactured raw materials for your unit, while allowing us to cut back on storage and scrapping costs. Truly a win-win.