Electrodeionization for Ultra Pure Lab Water

All of our devices are made to measure for your individual specifications regarding output pressure, tank size, capacity, and other requirements. 

Additionally, our products offer an all-in-one solution to supply your entire lab with ultra pure water via circular pipe integration.


  • Conductivity: 18 MΩ x cm (0.055 µS/cm, class 1 ASTM standard)
  • Silicate content < 0.1 ppm
  • TDS < 1 ppm
  • TOC < 60 µg/L

Capacity at 10°C:

  • can vary according to individual customer requirements
  • for example: 100 or 150 or 250 Liters/ h


All-in-One Solution

From tap water to ultra pure water in a single system, with all components integrated into the housing.

Circular pipe integration

Our systems easily integrate into a circular pipe flow, ensuring water of ultra pure water quality to all devices within the circuit.

High Purity

The purification process of our systems ensures up to 100% ion removal: < 0.055 µS/cm.

Made in Germany

Our expert team of engineers hand-assembles each unit with extreme attention to detail at our facilities in Mainz, Germany.

Made to Measure

We tailor our ultra pure filtration systems to fit within your lab configuration, taking your space availability into account.

Individualized to Your Needs

We consult with you throughout the process, ensuring that your specification requirements and needs are fully met at all times.

Remote Monitoring

We are pioneering the remote monitoring technology, allowing the option of remote view and online access to water purification units.

Easy-to-Use Touchscreen

We offer touchscreen controls with a logical menu structure and easy access to key features of the water purification unit.

Custom-Built Purification Units

We build our purification systems to suit your specific needs, taking space availability and performance requirements into account. Below, you will find some examples of configurations ordered by our clients in the past.

Model SizeCapacity
Tank size
Height (cm)Depth (cm)Width (cm)Approx. Shipping
Weight (KG)
Small0.4 to 1.310 to 309072.56029.855 to 75

All of our devices are made to measure for your individual specifications regarding output pressure, tank size, capacity, and other requirements. Please consider the specifications and unit types below as examples. to provide you with a starting point. We are more than happy to discuss the individual needs of your specific lab. Just contact us!

Four stages from tap water to ultra pure water
in one compact device

Our products transform regular tap water into lab grade ultra pure water within a single compact device, which can easily be incorporated into the circular pipe system of the lab. In this way, all lab equipment that requires pure water is supplied by the same source, minimizing maintenance costs and ensuring output homogeneity.

Our devices use 4 filtration stages to gradually purify tap water into ultra pure water. These steps include two stages of reverse osmosis for initially reducing conductivity to ~ 3 µS/cm, followed by continuous electrodeionisation to achieve conductivity < 0.056 µS/cm. Finally, a polishing stage ensures bacteria-free ultra pure water with permeate conductivity of 18 ΩOhm x cm. The EDI unit continuously regenerates its resin layers during use, saving time and costs on maintenance.

Stage 1:

Reverse Osmosis

The first stage is fed by tap water (~500 µS/cm) and removes about 98% of minerals, achieving ~ 10µS/cm.

Permeate throughput customized to your requirements:

  •  Operating pressure: ~ 10 bar
  • 40×40 inch Diaphragm
  • Stainless steel diaphragm case
  • Stainless steel pump :
    • 230V or 400 V AC 50 Hz

Stage 2:

Reverse Osmosis

The second reverse osmosis stage reduces impurities from ~ 10µS/cm to ~ 3 µS/cm.

Similar to stage 1:

  • Operating pressure: ~ 10 bar
  • 40×40 inch Diaphragm
  • Stainless steel diaphragm case
  • Stainless steel pump :
    • 230V or 400 V AC 50 Hz

Stage 3:

Continuous EDI

The third step uses electrodialysis and electrodeionisation technology to deliver ultra pure water with conductivity < 0.055 µS/cm and > 18 MΩ x cm.

Permeate capacity adapted to individual needs

  • Silicate content < 0.1 ppm
  • TDS < 1 ppm

Stage 4:


To guarantee product water quality, stage 4 is equipped with a cartridge of mixed-bed laboratory resin, and UV filter for bacteria-free product water. 

Quality assurance and final output of 18 MΩ x cm conductivity

  • Mixed bed resin cartridge
  • Diameter 85 mm Height 440 mm
  • incl. adapter with Quick fitting 3/8 inch
  • resin filling in lab quality

Advantages of Electrodeionization

Our devices use an electrodeionization (EDI) unit, which is a great substitute for the ion-exchange processes traditionally used in high purity water treatment systems. Apart from savings in energy consumption and maintenance, you also eliminate the often risky handling and disposal of caustic chemicals and acids used in the typical ion-exchange resin regeneration process.

EDI is worth considering, if your lab…

  • …demands a constant flow of high-purity water with up to 99.9% ion removal in combination with reverse osmosis pre-treatment

  • …requires simple and easy-to-handle purification machines

  • …aims for cost effective operation with little downtime for maintenance

  • …offers only limited physical space for purification technology

  • …is committed to reductions in energy, emissions, pollutants and other chemical waste through ISO certifications and similar.